See ya!

I figured I should try and get on here and write something a little less depressing than my prior post. ; )  (For an update on my family, the rest of my family seems to be doing well.  Or at least they’re hiding it well.  I’m still hurt, and I feel betrayed.)

Anyways, I don’t think that I’m going to finish my dress in time.  So I’m going to try and get it done before Family Camp.  We’ll see if I get it done!

I’m so excited to be heading out to the Father/Son Retreat tomorrow.  I love this chance I get to go serve.  Also, I’m looking forward to the sweet fellowship with all of the like-minded girls.  I always come back from the retreat so encouraged in my faith and convictions.  The work really seems like nothing when surrounded by so many friends.  I really think that we have more fun than the guys attending the retreat do! ; )

Well, I’m being called to supper.  I’ll see ya (or write, I guess) when I get back!


P.S. I would appreciate your prayers for the retreat.  That it will go off smoothly, the speakers will arrive on time and without incidence, and that God would move through this retreat and change many hearts.


The End

It’s over.  My Dad gave us the news this morning during family worship.  The girl we were planning to adopt has decided she doesn’t want to be adopted.  My siblings and myself were very shocked and deeply hurt.  I’d like to ask for your prayer for my family, that this hurt will heal.  Also for this young lady that God would convict her.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want you to pray for her because she has dared to hurt us.  No indeed.  But because she is not truly rejecting us, but she is rejecting God.

This past Sunday, my parents sat down with her and explained to her the vision this family has and the direction we are going.  How, the boys are being trained to be the providers, priests, prophets and protectors of their families, and the girls are being trained to be helpmeet’s to their husbands.  It didn’t take her long after that to decide that she didn’t want to join in this vision.  She wants to instead continue in government “education” so as to go to college and pursue a career.

My parents fear that her faith is not very strong if there at all.  They fear that it might just be show.  For it seems she is like the seed thrown on rocky soil that the birds came and ate up.  Another fact is, she is in a rather bad situation in the government school.  She has been abused, and she has been put through things that make you weep to think of anything like that happening to anyone.  The fact is, she desperately needs to get out of this situation, and it seemed that God was using us to help her.  But now she has run back to the arms of the state.  Little does she know what a terrible mistake she is making.

So it seems this chapter has closed.  It is rather unlikely that she will ever seek us out again to adopt her.  We do hope though that God will take hold of her heart and convict her, and that someday, she may still be raised by a strong Christian family.

The thing is, this all seemed so perfect, like it was God’s will.  So many things happened by seemingly “coincidence.”  She would have been adopted a year ago by a former foster family of hers, that is a non-christian family, but they had moved into a smaller home less than a month before this young girl’s grandma became sick.  If this had happened, we never would have heard of her.  Furthermore, we “happened” to be visiting Reformation Church the one and only Sunday it was announced that her desire was to be adopted by a Christian homeschool family.  God placed it on all our hearts to adopt her, even those of us who adoption had never crossed their minds favorably before.  Her caseworker and guardian ad lidum were so thrilled that we were interested in her.

But then, my parents fingerprints were sent back twice, so it pushed back the time of her coming in.  So it seems that God must have another plan for us.  This must have been God’s push to get us certified to adopt so we can help someone else. (Boy, I sure hope I didn’t suffer through CPR class for no reason! ; ) )  We know that God has a plan and a purpose for everything, so we just need to trust Him.


Long time no see!

Wow, it’s been a little while since I’ve done anything on here.  Sorry about that.

It has now been a week and two days since the fair ended.  Hallelujah!! ; )  Just kidding.  It was difficult, but it was quite fun as well.  Out of eight days that I could be there, I was there seven. ; )  Since I was in 4-H I had a wristband and didn’t have to pay each time to get in thankfully.  On Saturday, there was quite a funny episode.

I was dropped off at the fair to spend time with and help my friend.  I met her father who was manning his at one the entrances.  He said I could look for her in the poultry barn.  So I walk over to the nice cool air conditioned building to find my friend.  But, I couldn’t find her anywhere.  I walked all up and down the aisles in the barn, then headed over to the 4-H displays to see if possibly she was there.  She was once again no where to be seen.  I did however meet up with her younger brother who was also searching for her.  We decided to join forces and look for her together.  He decided we should look outside.  (An important fact you should know for the rest of my story.  It was close to 100 degrees outside.)

We went to the 4-H horse show.  She’s not there.  We head over to the tractor pull.  She’s not there.  Maybe she’s at the rodeo, so we walk all the way to the other side of the grounds.  She’s not there either.  Maybe she’s at the Muttin’ Bustin’.  We took a shortcut through the building and headed for the Muttin’ Bustin’ arena.  She wasn’t there either, but we found some other friends from church there.  My “escort” stopped off to spend time with them and I headed back for the poultry barn.  (All that I just recounted took about 30 to 45 minutes.)

I got into the poultry barn, but still didn’t see my friend.  However, I did find her older brother.  He said my friend was looking for me and he had seen here about a half hour ago.  He kindly offered to help me search.  So, we headed to the 4-H horse show.  She wasn’t there.  We went to the tractor pull.  She wasn’t there.  Talk about deja vu!  I was doing the exact same route with the same results that I did with her younger brother with her older brother now. ; )  Anyways, he thought she might be at the concert.  I mentioned that I had been by there earlier and didn’t think it’d be something she would listen to. ; )  We went to check it out anyways.  Whilst walking past, the singer hit a (strange sounding to me ; )) note and my friend’s brother laughed.  “Yeah, I don’t think they’d be listening to that either.”  I smiled.  What do you know, my friend wasn’t listening. ; )  On we trekked, now heading in the direction of the Muttin’ Bustin’ once more.

Thankfully, this time, we found her mom sitting on a log.  Upon arriving she said, “Oh!  She just went inside to look for you!”  We knew my friend would be coming back so we waited.  Before long, here she came winding through the tents.  The whole ordeal lasted about an hour and a half.  With me walking around outside in nearly 100 degree weather!  I hoped that I would at least have a sun burn to show for all that I had to go through, but at the end of the day, I was just as white as ever.  ; )

After finding my friend we had a great time.  I got to watch the 4-H auction, and my friend auctioned off three of her ducks for a handsome price.  All in all, it was a good day!  ; )

Now the fair is over, and four of my five projects are going to the State Fair.  Also, my brother’s project is going, as well as two of my sister’s three.

Another interesting happening was with a competition in the Open Class.  Our county has a special competition for a cookie jar that you make that has to do with that year’s fair theme.  My mom and my friend’s mom both entered cookie jars.  Now, there was a lot of anticipation to see who would win.  But, when the judge finished, she decided she couldn’t decided between the two.  So it ended in a tie!  We will never know who won!  I suppose it’s better that way.  ; )  (Of course, I’m partial to my own mother’s.)

So, besides the fact that the fireworks on Friday set fire to the field, and my friend winning Round Robin (the highest honor for a livestock competitor), that was really all there was exciting about the fair.  Now, we are waiting in anticipation for the Father Son Retreat, and also seeing who can keep their 4-H bands on the longest. ; )  Me, in my craziness, have decided that I’m going to complete a dress (that has a collar) before then so I may wear it to the retreat.  We’ll see if I finish in time! ; )

I guess that’s it for now!

Oh!  Except for the fact that, I heard that there is still room to sign up for the retreat!  I strongly urge everyone to go that possibly can.  I’ve seen many lives changed because of this special retreat.  For more information go to this link.  Hope to see you there!


Moving right along

The time for the county fair (next week), keeps looming closer and closer, whether I want it to or not.  And each day passes by whether I finished everything I wanted to or not.  The fair starts on Monday, and I still have so much that needs to be done.  I’ll admit, it is largely due to my laziness and lack of working faithfully throughout the year, so I’m trying to make up for a years worth of lost time in one week.  So, 4-H is really all that has happened this week.

Except for one very scary thing.  I went to the orthodontist yesterday.  They were planning on putting brackets on my twelve year molars so they could try to align them.  Unfortunately, they haven’t really moved in six months.  My orthodontist decided that they have waited long enough for my twelve year molars to come in (for goodness sake, their only about several years behind!), so he wants me to see an oral surgeon.  He wants the surgeon to take the gums off of my molars, and since they’re in there anyways (and I’ll already be in pain) they’ll take out my wisdom teeth as well.  Oh joy! (<- sarcasm)  Needless to say, I’m not too fond of the idea.  They surgery will probably happen in the next month or so.  I would appreciate prayer for courage.

That’s really all for now.  I need to get back to 4-H stuff.

Still busy

The title pretty much sums it all up.  We finished dance camp last week, and we won’t have anymore major going’s on til the county fair.

Speaking of the county fair, we still have a lot to do concerning that.  In two weeks.  I think I will finish the bulk of my sewing for it today though, and most of what I need to do is the record books.  Apart from headache causing and time consuming, they shouldn’t be too bad. 😉

In other news, we are praying and hoping that we will have the girl we are wanting to adopt in our home soon.  Mom and Dad got all the paperwork in, so now we are just waiting for the background checks to be completed.  They were told that getting those done could and probably will take up to three months.  There are many people who are trying to help us not be too optimistic and are telling us that there is no way that we will have her here by her birthday (July 17).  But we serve a big God.  If he wants her to be here by then, she will be here.  If he wants us to wait, then that is what will happen.  We are praying that it is His will to work a miracle and get her here soon.  If ya’ll feel called to pray for us, we would greatly appreciate it! 😉

I would also like to ask for some prayer.  A few of the many changes that come with getting a roommate for the first time have started to hit.  I abhor changes.  The slightest change can make me cry.  Mom moved my furniture around in my room a couple of days ago, and I came close to throwing a fit.  I had a really stinky attitude.  I’m such a selfish person.  I know that I need to learn stretch myself and accept these changes.  So, if you feel called to pray that I grow up, I would appreciate it. 😉

I suppose that’s all for now.

Have a blessed Independence Day!


Help! I’m overwhelmed!

Even though it is officially summer, the work doesn’t end with the school season.  I’m starting to get overwhelmed with everything I need to get done in the next few months.

The general events going on this summer that I’ll have to work around are; a week long dance camp starting next Monday, the 4-H County Fair in July, helping at the Father/Son Retreat and going to Family Camp both in August.  Those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.

In between these activities I need to clean my room, start on my Apologetics cards, start researching our policy on China, find material for my speeches next year (an HI, a Duo, and possibly a Persuasive and a DI), finishing my five projects for 4-H (this includes doing all five record books, making a bunch of pies, baking lots of bread, sewing a dress, and making a skirt then decorating somehow so it will count for Decorate Your Duds.  I’m grateful Mom is letting me drop two others because of the lack of time), making a movie of Nationals, uploading speeches from Nationals onto YouTube, do more more sewing, I’ll probably have to finish my science, and practice violin and singing.

So maybe you can see a little how I’m feeling overwhelmed right now.  In fact, I’m so scared of this task ahead of me, I’ve taken the high road and am acting lazy instead. (I’m being sarcastic.  I am being lazy right now, but I know I need to stop.)

I guess I should stop posting about how much work I have to do and actually doing.  Excuse me, I need to go take a crash course on sewing a zipper on a dress.


Back from Nats

Hey ya’ll!  I’ve arrived safely back home!  Boy, am I glad to be back!

Nats went okay.  I got to see a lot of speeches, and taped a lot as well.  11 video tapes worth to be exact! 😉  I unfortunately did not break, and I don’t think I did my best with my speech.  My mom says that I looked almost bored with it.  On my ballots I got three 4th’s, one 5th, and five 5th & below’s.  I got one really funny ballot.  It said, “Content lacked in entertainment value.  Good delivery.”  LOL!  I laughed so hard when I read that ballot!  I remember seeing that judge scowling at me the entire time I gave my speech!  But that ballot didn’t hurt me any worse, so I can easily laugh at it.  😉

I think my biggest problem was that I didn’t practice it at all before the tourney.  I had all of the words and general actions memorized, but I had forgotten over the long waiting period all of the specific movements I had come up with earlier in the year.  When I look back over the year, the tournament I did best at, which was Centennial, I had gone to a tournament a week before, and I had practiced a lot, and had laid awake at night thinking of movements to add.  But I never practiced after that, and I steadily did worse.  So I’ve resolved that next year, I will practice a lot more, at the very least a few days before the tournament.  Even if it is only rehearsing it in my head.  I think I’ll make sure that I tape myself every tournament and watch it so I can know what to change, and won’t forget things I did that I liked.

As far as in between rounds goes, I was sorely missing my speech club.  Though there were a few people that talked to me every so often, there was no one that I really hung out with.  I am proud of myself however, for starting many a conversation with people that I didn’t know.  For those of you who know me, you will understand the importance of this accomplishment.  For those of you who don’t, I’m extremely afraid of talking to people that I don’t know.  I even hate calling friends on the phone, for fear that I dial the wrong number.  So I was quite proud of my boldness.  But I still missed my true friends.  The ones that I didn’t have to try hard to get them to talk to me.  Who understand my weirdness, who know how to comfort and support me and how to get me to laugh so I can forget my troubles.

I am grateful though to the few people that would start up conversations with me when they saw me.  They were very sweet.  I’m also very grateful to God for one person in particular.

After the award ceremony, there was an after party at a place called Vulcan Park.  This facility was on top of a hill, it had a museum, a pretty big lawn, and a three story tall tower with a humongous statue on top.  The view from the tower was stunning.  Alabama is very pretty.  Anyways, there was a paved area where they had speakers set up and was used as a dance floor.  Soon after the dancing started, I met a family of three girls and I taught one of them how to do the basic swing step.  When the song ended, I went with them up to the top of the tower.  After this, I hung out with them for the rest of the evening.  One of the girls and I danced together and talked about Pride and Prejudice and other similar topics.  At one point, they played a waltz, and she came up with idea that we Duo dance.  So we didn’t touch, or look at each other, and waltz around the floor.  It was very fun.  I enjoyed myself so much, and I am very thankful that God brought us together.  We exchanged e-mail addresses, so hopefully we’ll stay in touch.

Through the whole tournament, we shared a rental car with another mother and her son.  They were a very sweet family.  I had heard many times from my debate partner about how cool this family was, but before now I hadn’t had the chance to get to know them.  So I am also very grateful for the chance to do just that.

So, I suppose, over all, it wasn’t a bad week.  I believe I learned a lot from watching the debates and speeches and I made some new friends.  We even had a funny incident.  We had just picked up the rental car and left the airport when it happened.  My mom pushed a button on the rear view mirror and this car alarm started to go off inside the car!  Then there was a ringing noise, then the sound of a phone being picked up and someone answered, “Hello, I’m so-and-so from OnStar, how can I help?” My mom, “How do I turn this off!!!”  “First ma’am, is there an emergency in the car?”  “No, I just accidentally pushed a button, how do I turn it off?”  “I can take care of that, goodbye.”  LOL!!!  Though frightening at first, we laughed heartily about it later, and was the subject of a couple jokes.  I am happy to report, we never had a reason to call OnStar again! 😉

Well, I believe that is all I have to say for now.