A modern day miracle

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of house sitting a friends house.  Looking back, it was fun, but at the time, I was scared.  I had never done this before.  But here I was, in charge of a house.  And there was no one to protect me if someone broke in. 😉  This was also right after getting my license, so it was weird driving myself back and forth all the time.

But during this time of fear, God caused me to see His omnipotence and feel His comfort.  In small ways every evening, as I had to go to Him to take away my fears of being alone in a large house.  However, there was one major occurrence that showed me His marvelous grace!

Part of my house sitting included taking care of the family’s dog.  His name was Chester, and he was a hoot. 🙂  Every time I saw him, he always had a reservoir of energy that needed to be used up.  I don’t think he ever got tired, no matter how much I chased him around the yard, or threw balls for him to chase.  Despite being a bundle of pure energy, he was a real sweetie.  Every night, before bringing him in, we would sit on the steps and I would pet him as we gazed at the stars.  (Well, I gazed at the stars.  He was more interested in taking in the yard’s landscape. 😉  )  But, one day, he gave me a real scare.

One Tuesday morning I woke up late, and had to hustle home for school.  When I let Chester out, I considered forgoing my usual trip outside with him, but something made me go out despite being late.  As I walked around the yard, I spied some torn up cardboard.  The house backed up to a greenbelt, so I often saw trash back there that had blown in.  Most days, I didn’t pay attention to the trash, however something made me stop and read the cardboard fragments.  The words that met my curious eyes were, “Mouse Kill.”  A few seconds passed.  The reality began to sink in that Chester had torn up this box, and must have gotten to the poison.  Hurriedly, I searched the yard for the four packets of poison.  Two were right next to the remnants of the box.  They were torn open as well, and empty.  A thorough search turned up only one more packet that was unopened.  To this day, we don’t know what happened to the fourth packet.

Unsure of what to do, I called home and told my mom what I had found.  The hint of panic in her voice told me that things were worse than I had first thought.  I hadn’t had any contact with rat poison before, and didn’t know it’s effects.  But upon reaching home, I found out.  Most of the rat poisons on the market are blood thinners.  The way they work is they make the animal bleed internally to death.  After reading this I felt sick.  My only desire was to go to my room and sob until this terrible tragedy had passed.  This was just awful!  This poor dog was going to die a painful death, and it was on my watch!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get in my cry.  After our family Bible time, Dad and I went back to the house to watch the dog and look more closely at the packaging.

Shortly after arriving back at the house, Dad was on their computer with the cardboard fragments in front of him.  The results of his google search brought some relief.  It turns out that that particular poison was a neurotoxin.  So, instead of bleeding to death, Chester’s nervous system would be attacked.  (Now, there is an important piece of information I’ve neglected to share.  We had deduced that it had been at least twelve hours between the time Chester had possibly eaten the poison and when I found the remnants.  Thus, doing charcoal or a stomach pump would have been useless.  So, whatever had happened was irreversible.)  Dad called our friends, the owners, and it was decided to take Chester to the vet.

Boy, was that a nightmare!  Chester was terrified to death of the vet.  Yet, she insisted on trying to check his eyes, ears and legs.  For her persistence, Dad got a ripped shirt and all of us are now sporting nearly shattered ear drums.  What made it worse was that they told us all we could do was wait and watch.  They did give us some hope however.  The peak of neurotoxins is between 2 and 12 hours.  We knew it had been longer than that, so it appeared he would come out all right as symptoms should have shown up by then.  The next couple of days I checked on Chester more often than normal, and he never exhibited any reactions to the poison!

So how was God’s hand working in all this?  They way we see it, it happened is one of three ways.  Either some other animal tore up the box (which I personally think unlikely), or Chester didn’t eat any of the poison, but simply tore the packaging up.  Or, God caused the poison to not do their evil deeds in that dog’s body.  Whatever truly happened, I know that God worked a miracle.  It was a miracle if Chester ate the poison, or it was a miracle that he didn’t.

So, even though that was an emotionally trying time, I learned something invaluable.  God worked a miracle in that dog.  He is an all-powerful God, surpassing all knowledge, and is bigger than all things.  Yet, He chose to work in my life by showing He cared about such small, insignificant things as that dog and me.  Through this trial, I got a taste of the goodness of God.

Though we forget it, God cares and thinks of us every second of every day.  In the Bible, Paul wrote how Jesus upholds the universe by His mighty word.  God is actively holding every atom in the universe together.  If He ever failed to think about you for one second, you would cease to exist.  Sometimes we feel all alone in a situation that is out of control.  We need to understand that it is not just when we desperately need help that God remembers us.  We are always on His mind and His heart.  Stop and think about that for a second.  This realization should make you fall prostrate before your God in complete awe.  This is what I learned in during that trial.  And the dog is still a bundle of energy to this day! 🙂

Praise the Lord, for His steadfast love endures forever, and His faithfulness continues to all generations!!



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  1. Awesome testimony!

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