It’s been awhile… again

Hey all!  I’m sorry I haven’t written anything in such a long time.  My family has been busy for the last while.  First with ballet recitals and then the Chec Conference.  We are just now starting to recover. 😉  Several thing have also happened.  Three weeks ago, my sister broke her arm, the first in our family.  None of us were really surprised, she is so dramatic and accident prone.  We were more surprised that it hadn’t happened sooner. 😉  Anyways, how it happened was our church had a picnic at the park around the corner from our house.  The kids were playing Monkey on the Ground, an tag game on the playset with the person who is It walking around with their eyes closed.  My sister was It and thought she was at the stairs and took a step.   Unfortunately, it was not the stairs, and she took a step into thin air with a five foot drop.  When she landed her right arm was underneath her and it caused the radius to snap in half while the ulna received a buckle fracture.  At first, she was in a lot of pain.  It took 3 miligrams of morphine to lessen the pain enough that she was okay.  This is a lot of morphine, even for an adult!  She was still in a lot of pain for the next couple of days, but she hasn’t had any more since.  Praise the Lord!  She’ll be going to the doctor this week to get the cast on, then it won’t be much longer before it will be healed!

But then just today, at another church picnic, my dad had an incident.  Most of us were playing Ultimate frisbee, and my dad was participating of course.  He was covering my brother when the frisbee was thrown to him.  Dad ran up to block the pass when all of a sudden he cried out and fell to the ground.  Everyone rushed over, and Dad asked them to straighten his leg.  He lay there for a while then limped over to the chairs in the shade where he lay down with ice on his calf.  I thought it had just been a case of a Charlie’s Horse, as Dad admitted that he was dehydrated.  But when Dad decided to go back home, he stopped by at our doctor’s house.  Turns out, Dad tore a muscle in his calf.  Thankfully it wasn’t the achilles, but it is still extremely painful and he’ll be on crutches for a while and won’t be able to do anything for about three weeks.  This will certainly throw a wrench in our family plans, and Dad isn’t feeling exactly comfortable with this incident.  So, if God lays in on your heart to pray for us, we would greatly appreciate it.

On a more joyful note, a dear friend of mine is coming tomorrow and will be staying for a week!  I’m so excited that I get to enjoy her sweet fellowship for a whole week!  I guess that is it for now. 😉



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