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Hey everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.  A lot has happened since then.  The RMC tournament has come and gone, Savvy came to visit, we sped through Regionals (with none of us advancing to Nats in case your wondering) and went on a family vacation to Virginia.  It’s been so busy, and now I’m just trying to recover my sanity. 😉

But something else has happened during the last month that you all might be interested in.  Some of you might remember me posting our adoption adventures.  To refresh your memory, in January of ’08 we visited Reformation Church and heard about a young girl who had expressed a desire to be adopted by a Christian homeschool family.  She had been living with her grandma, but the grandma had recently passed away, leaving the girl in foster care.  While with her grandmother, this young lady had gone to Reformation Church and been homeschooled.  Anyways, that Sunday, everyone in our family felt God tug on our hearts.  It was such a God-thing, as many of the members of my family had never seriously thought about adoption.  But God opened our hearts to this girl, all at the same time.  And, after praying about it, Mom and Dad began the process to be certified to adopt.  Over the next several months, we got to know the young girl, and we took all of the necessary classes to be certified.

However, last August, the young lady had a change of heart.  She decided that she no longer wanted to be homeschooled, and wasn’t sure she even wanted to be adopted.  It was a hard blow for us, but we trusted that God had brought us into this, so there had to be a purpose for it.  My parents decided to go ahead with getting certified to adopt.

It took forever for everything to be done, but a couple months ago, we finally had all the paper work and the house study done.  Now it was up to the county committee.  For some reason, they kept pushing back the date for deliberating over our application.  At one point they sent someone back to us to ask us more questions.  Finally, they got their meeting done.  But their answer shocked us.  They denied our application.  We were told that we had two options.  We could get sent a formal denial letter, and our name would be put in the database.  Or, we could withdraw our application.  Either way, there was no posibility of us every being able to adopt.

As I said, we were shocked, and more than a little angry.  The reasons we were denied all had to do with the fact that we have a home church and are homeschooled.  Undeniably, it was religious discrimination.  But we weren’t not sure what was the wisest course of action.  My dad got in contact with a lawyer at HSLDA and we and our entire church was praying earnestly for wisdom.

Then, something happened that we didn’t expect.  The county either got scared or impatient, and they sent us the denial letter, even though we hadn’t made a decision yet.  This complicated things a bit more.  The lawyer was rather wary of trying a lawsuit.  There were a couple points that he thought would be extremely hard to win. (It wasn’t like we weren’t in the right in those areas.  Just that it would be rather difficult to persuade others (namely the state) that we were right.)  A couple of weeks went by, then an elder of our church e-mailed some very smart Christian leaders about our predicament.  Mr. Scott Brown was one of them, and he replied very promptly.  His answer was a little surprising, but the more we thought about it, the more we saw the wisdom in it.

He told us that he wasn’t sure we should have even got involved with the State in this in the first place.  He said that some covenants with the State are necessary, and are not really evil.  But with being certified to adopt, we would have to play by the State’s rules during the foster care phase of every adoption.  We would have to mask our beliefs to please them.  Mr. Brown, we realized, was right.  This wasn’t something we could do.  Fortunately, the county was gracious enough to reverse the denial and let us remove our application.  So now we are right back where we were before all this happened.

This whole experience has left me sitting here, asking God, “What was that for?”  He hasn’t answered me with the specifics yet, but that is okay.  He has been there throughout the whole process, guiding us every step of the way.  There is no doubt in my mind that all of this was orchestrated by God.  Though we cannot see it right now, God had a purpose for this.  We may never know the reason, but I can rest in the knowledge that God was, is and will always be in complete control.  So, in the end, we can whole heartedly say, “Thanks be to God.”

Soli Deo Gloria!



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  1. Wow, That’s tough. I can’t believe they won’t let you adopt because of homeschooling and stuff. Hmm. Definitely something to think about. God bless.

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