I wonder…

Ever since the invention of the telephone and more recently, the Internet, communication has become much more easy and convenient.  Thus gratifying our desire of instant gratification.  Through the Internet, we have e-mail, forums, blogs, Facebook, and more recently, Skype.  With these tools, we are able to converse with friends far away much quicker.  Because of this, many young people spend many hours on the Internet, chatting with their friends.

But I had an interesting thought this evening.  We all, on a daily basis put time and energy into maintaining our earthly relationships.  But what about our relationship with God?  I wondered, what would happen if each of us professing Christians resolved to spend at least as much time, if not more time deepening our relationship with our closest Friend as we do with our earthly friends?  How would our lives change?  I don’t just mean in the way we manage our time (thought that I’m sure that would be drastically affected).  But would we change the way we live our lives?  Would our focus be removed from the temporal, pleasure for the moment worthlessness, and transferred to more important, God honoring things?

Some of you right now may have that little voice in you saying something like, “But that would be asking too much.  No one could be expected to carry out such a radical task.  You couldn’t possibly be expected to spend an hour or two reading your Bible!  Besides, it would cut into your friend time.  And you just can’t give that up.”  I currently have a similar voice whispering in my ear.  But, if you think about it, which of your relationships are more important?  The ones with your earthly friends, who you might not even remember their names twenty years from now?  Or our ever-present, personal God, who will be with you to the end and beyond?  That Friend who sticks closer than a brother?

So, the question is, which relationship will you spend more time and energy on?  Your temporal ones?  Or your eternal one?



2 Responses

  1. ::hates himself now:: lol just kidding.

    Wow. I realize everyday that God really has a sense of humor. It just hits you sometimes, the ironic situations and seeming coincidences.

    They say you learn 7 new things everyday. I’m sure that at least 5 of those are new things that I’m learning over again. ; )

    Anyway, that post was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for commenting.

    Sounds like me. I love that God has a sense of humor!

    I can see that happening to you! ; )

    I’m glad the post helped. I was heading to bed late one night, then I got the idea. So I went to bed half an hour later to write the post. I’m glad that I didn’t lose sleep for nothing. (God had me do it for a reason.)

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