A Tragically Wasted Life

The Rebelution is currently doing a series called, “Not to Young to Die.”  In one of the installments they gave this list.

3 Marks of a Tragically Wasted Life

A lukewarm attitude of complacency.

A lazy habit of procrastination.

A paralyzed lifestyle of timidity.

3 Marks of a Gloriously Spent Life

A hot-hearted desire to be useful.

A relentless passion for the good use of time.

A constant readiness to risk for the Gospel.

Reading this was very eye opening for me.  My life perfectly matches the marks of a wasted life.  You can see one evidence of this right now.  As I am on the internet instead of memorizing my Persuasive speech for the tournament that starts in two days.  Anyways, I urge you to go to The Rebelution blog and read the series.  Here’s the link for part 1.   http://www.therebelution.com/blog/2008/11/not-too-young-to-die/



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