It’s been a while…

… and it will be a while longer.  I was just asked why I haven’t been posting or commenting in a while.  I have gotten behind on some of my schoolwork, and I’m not allowed on the Internet until I’m caught up.  So I have no idea when I’ll be able to start posting again. (I’m only allowed on to give this quick explanation.)  I suppose it will be when I overcome my slothfulness. : ( 

So, don’t worry.  I’m not dead, and I will be back.  … Eventually… ; )

Soli Deo Gloria!



4 Responses

  1. Ok, just wondering. Sorry you have to catch up on schoolwork. I’ll be praying.


  2. I love you Tee-Kay!!! Have a wonderful day (even though I will see you in like 3 hours!).


  3. Hey,

    GO TEE-KAY!!! Get that school work done go go go 🙂

    Love ya and can’t wait to see you!!!!!

  4. Hey,

    I just found your blog through….it’s a long story. Anyway, looks like you may no longer be upkeeping this site. Just wanted to say “hi” and hope you are all doing well. Talk to you soon.


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