A Woman VP?

Last week there was an announcement that, I believe, shocked the U.S.  It was the proclamation that Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska and mother of 5 young children, was going to be John McCain’s running mate for the upcoming Presidential elections.  The reason it was so shocking was because, first of all, no one really thought that McCain was considering her, and second that she is much more conservative then the liberal McCain.

Mr. Phillips brought up an excellent point on his blog.  He said that now “Christians must consider whether to encourage a mother of infant children to de-prioritize her duties and obligations as wife and mother in order to possibly become the chief executive of America.”  (To read the whole article, follow this link. http://www.visionforum.com/hottopics/blogs/dwp/ )  The Bible clearly teaches against female magistrates.  Mr. Phillips included in his post five points from a speech by Pastor Bill Einwechter.

(1). The biblical doctrine of male headship applies to each governing institution.

(2). The biblical qualifications for civil rulers forbids female magistrates.

(3). The biblical role of the woman is against female magistrates.

(4). The biblical lament of women ruling over men is against female magistrates.

(5). The biblical example of Deborah is not an endorsement of female magistrates.

Now Christians will have to choose if they are going to support a candidate who not only does not hold to Christian ethics and political platforms, but now has chosen a mother of very young children (the youngest being only around four months old) as his running mate.

I’m curious to see what they will decide.  To go with the “safe” answer and vote for someone who is clearly out of line with the Bible, and is willing to give up her responsibilities to her family to wrestle with Washington.  Or, are they going to go with a less popular, but Biblical approach when going to the polls this November?  I sincerely pray for the latter!

For further reading on the subject, here is an excellent article by Jasmine Baucham. http://joyfullyathome.blogspot.com/2008/09/ten-reasons-why-i-dont-want-to-be-vp.html  It is entitled “Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Want to be VP When I “Grow Up.”  I strongly urge you to check it out.



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