Back… for good (maybe)

The last thing on our to-do list for the summer has been completed.  Namely, going to the State Fair.  I had qualified to compete in the Talent Show with my speech that I did in Speech and Debate.

We got to take a couple of our friends down with us.  Their parents weren’t keen on going to the fair, but the kids wanted to, so we offered to take them.  It was a lot of fun!  Not only because I enjoy their family so much, but for two day, I had an older sister and two older brothers.  It was nice not being the oldest for a change. ; )

Anyways, I was a bit nervous about the whole competition.  I hadn’t really thought about my speech for two whole months, and when I did it at Nationals, it was definitely not my best performance.  But I was determined to end this speeches career without shame, so I practiced quite a bit last week.  (Well, at least more than usual. ; )  It seems it paid off.  For I got a blue ribbon, a Champion, and a Grand Champion.  Also, something that I was definitely not expecting, I got the award of Best Actress.  It was all rather shocking.  I am glad that I persevered with my speech, and did my best.  Even if I hadn’t won, I would have felt no shame, because I gave it my all.  (I would have been disappointed, ; ) but not ashamed)  Of course, the fact that I won was pretty cool as well. ; )

Well, I have got to be going.  I haven’t slept real well the past few nights, and I should probably head to be early.

Good night!



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