Return from Glorieta

My family and I got back late Friday night from the Family Camp in Glorieta, New Mexico.  It was a blast!  The schedule was very laid back, and we got to sleep in each morning! (Till 7 or 7:30!)  Personally, I liked how I had to walk everywhere.  At home it’s hard for me to get motivated to get up and move, so the necessity of it was nice. ; )  Of course, I also got to see my good friend Savannah for the first time in nearly eight months!  It was wonderful to see her again.  It was just like old times.

I also got to talk to some of the girls I know from Reformation Church.  They are such an inspiration to me.  Since we are the first generation in our family with a reformed vision for family and such, it is very instructive for me to be able to learn from the young ladies older than me.  I get to see a virtuous life in action!  (This is also a big reason why I enjoy the Father/Son retreat so much!)  Unfortunately, from differing schedules, I didn’t get to talk with as many people or as long as I would have liked, but I’m thankful for the time I had.

The topic this year was worship.  Mr. Swanson’s talk the first night was excellent and convicting.  He spoke on wimpy worship and how it is an abomination to the Lord.  This is something that I’ve been recently convicted of in my own life.  You see, I have been blessed, so people say, with a nice singing voice.  This poses a stumbling block during the singing time of our worship service.  I enjoy singing, so I tend to think more of what fun I’m having then on praising and falling on my face before my creator.  To be perfectly honest, I also think of how nice I am to be blessing others with a chance to listen to my lovely voice.  Isn’t that awful?!  So Mr. Swanson’s sermon really spoke to me.  I shouldn’t be coming to Sunday service thinking how I can bring glory to my talent.  I need to come in with humility and trembling to meet my creator.  I need to seek His face.  The worship service is not for me, it’s to bring glory to the only one who deserves glory.  I fall so short of this, which is really not all that surprising when you think about it.  I, as a fallen creature, can do nothing in my own power.  It is only Christ through me that allows me to truly worship God.

I was also convicted in other areas this past week, not necessarily because of the sessions.  I was convicted that I’m wasting the body (by not taking good care of it), the talents (by not developing them and giving praise to the One who gave them to me), and the life (by not living it completely for God’s glory) God has given me.  I’m such a sickeningly slothful person.  In the evenings, while lying in bed, I make such good resolutions to be better, sometimes even with tears in my eyes.  But when the morning comes, and it’s hard to get up on time and carry through with my resolutions, I almost always choose the easy route.  I’m much like the song by Casting Crowns entitled “The Altar and the Door.”  I suppose I’m just further proof of the fact that we are nothing without Christ working through us.  I literally can do nothing apart from Him.  I pray that He will cause me to love Him will all my heart, mind, soul and strength.

I am the vine: you are the branches.  Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

Well, I’ll leave you with my downer confession. ; )  I might write more on Family Camp another day. ; )



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