I’m back! For a little while at least! ; )

I got back from the Father/Son retreat late Tuesday afternoon.  It was a lot of fun, though extremely tiring.  When I got back, I was so tired, I could’ve cried.  I only got about 5 hours of sleep each night.  This was through no fault of my own.  I would jolt awake an hour or two before I was supposed to and wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep until the alarm was about to go off. ::rolls eyes:: ; )  But other than a sad lack of sleep, the retreat was awesome!

Since my father is on the CHEC committee, and our family is good friends with the family running the retreat, we were lucky enough to go up early and help set up. ; )  So we woke up at 5 a.m., picked up the family we were driving up at 7 a.m. and got to Crooked Creek at ten till 9 a.m.  The funny thing is, we were the absolute first people from our group up there.  We even beat the people who told us to get up there early! ; )  However, the extra time beforehand was very nice as we got a chance to walk around the facilities before getting to work.  (Something us girls were very thankful for because after the retreat started, we’d be very limited on the places we could go.)  However, we got (or I guess I should say I) had a bit of a scare.  On examining the hot tub, we found that it was closed!!  Now this was completely tragical!  The hot tub makes a huge contribution on my nightly visit to help my legs to not hurt too much the next day.  The thought of not being able to rest my feet in it’s warmth made me feel melancholy.  I wasn’t sure if I could face the week without it!! (j/k)  My brother asked me, “So when you said that you were excited about the retreat, you were really excited about the hot tub?” ; )  But it all turned out okay.  One of Crooked Creek’s staff told us that we could take the tarp off when we went down there at night, as long as we covered it back up.  The tarp was only on because it was rather chilly up there, so they were trapping the heat in when it wasn’t in use.

Speaking of the hot tub, there was a rather comical event that happened on one trip to the hot tub.  This particular evening, we started for the hot tub a little later than usual.  We had to stop off at the Bull Moose (the dining hall) real quick to drop something off.

Upon completing this errand, we headed for the front doors.  However, when we arrived at the doors, three girls came rushing in!  They had been at the hot tub when the guys had let out of session so the girls had high tailed it out of there.  (We weren’t allowed to fraternize with the guys or bring attention to ourselves.  The organizations running the retreat wanted this to be a true retreat without the guys having to worry about guarding their thoughts.)  We found out from the girls recently in the hot tub that they had left in such haste that they hadn’t really covered up the hot tub properly.  So we knew we had to go back down anyways, but, through logic we figured out that the hot tub was supposed to be closed right now anyways, so there shouldn’t be any guys down there, which meant we could still go soak our tired feet in the hot tub.  It was decided we would wait for a lull in the crowd streaming from the Avalanche (the conference room) and would sneak down to our destination.

All of us slunk out of the side door and tramped through the unlighted grass towards our objective.  We hadn’t gone very far when a group of guys came out of the Avalanche.  In a panic we all stopped in our tracks.  By now we had reached a more lighted area.  We gathered in a circle trying to act normal. ; )  After they passed we continued on, now laughing at ourselves and how weird we must have looked trying not to stand out. ; )  We got onto the sidewalk and a bunch of fathers and sons were walking in and around the snack bar.  The same trying to act like nothing was happening occurred about two more times.  I could barely hold in my laughter!  Now, it was raining out, and it had started to lightning, so we knew we wouldn’t be going in any water tonight.  So our trying to act inconspicuous (LOL) was abandoned and we ran to the hot tub, covered it the rest of the way and raced for the safety of our dorms.  It was quite the adventurous and hilarious experience!  One other interesting part of this episode was discovered the next morning.

I was a server, taking the cooked meals to my tables where it was eaten family style.  Because of this, I was able to talk with my father a bit during the meals.  As usual, I went over to my dad at breakfast.  He told me that a bear had found the trash can outside their cabin the night before.  Now, the side door we had exited through was in close proximity to this cabin, trash can and therefore bear.  Who knows where that bear was during our escapade!! ; )  Thank the Lord, no one was hurt from this intruder, and we didn’t see him at all.  Of course the knowledge of this new danger to our adventure, apart from the lightning, only added to the comical-ness of it all!  Quite the memory making experience!

I’ll write more accounts of my time at the Father/Son retreat later. ; )


P.S.  My family heads out for Family Camp early Monday morning.  Boy, we have been busy this summer!

P.P.S. I got my top braces glued on my teeth two years ago today.  Hopefully they’ll be coming off soon!!


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