The End

It’s over.  My Dad gave us the news this morning during family worship.  The girl we were planning to adopt has decided she doesn’t want to be adopted.  My siblings and myself were very shocked and deeply hurt.  I’d like to ask for your prayer for my family, that this hurt will heal.  Also for this young lady that God would convict her.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want you to pray for her because she has dared to hurt us.  No indeed.  But because she is not truly rejecting us, but she is rejecting God.

This past Sunday, my parents sat down with her and explained to her the vision this family has and the direction we are going.  How, the boys are being trained to be the providers, priests, prophets and protectors of their families, and the girls are being trained to be helpmeet’s to their husbands.  It didn’t take her long after that to decide that she didn’t want to join in this vision.  She wants to instead continue in government “education” so as to go to college and pursue a career.

My parents fear that her faith is not very strong if there at all.  They fear that it might just be show.  For it seems she is like the seed thrown on rocky soil that the birds came and ate up.  Another fact is, she is in a rather bad situation in the government school.  She has been abused, and she has been put through things that make you weep to think of anything like that happening to anyone.  The fact is, she desperately needs to get out of this situation, and it seemed that God was using us to help her.  But now she has run back to the arms of the state.  Little does she know what a terrible mistake she is making.

So it seems this chapter has closed.  It is rather unlikely that she will ever seek us out again to adopt her.  We do hope though that God will take hold of her heart and convict her, and that someday, she may still be raised by a strong Christian family.

The thing is, this all seemed so perfect, like it was God’s will.  So many things happened by seemingly “coincidence.”  She would have been adopted a year ago by a former foster family of hers, that is a non-christian family, but they had moved into a smaller home less than a month before this young girl’s grandma became sick.  If this had happened, we never would have heard of her.  Furthermore, we “happened” to be visiting Reformation Church the one and only Sunday it was announced that her desire was to be adopted by a Christian homeschool family.  God placed it on all our hearts to adopt her, even those of us who adoption had never crossed their minds favorably before.  Her caseworker and guardian ad lidum were so thrilled that we were interested in her.

But then, my parents fingerprints were sent back twice, so it pushed back the time of her coming in.  So it seems that God must have another plan for us.  This must have been God’s push to get us certified to adopt so we can help someone else. (Boy, I sure hope I didn’t suffer through CPR class for no reason! ; ) )  We know that God has a plan and a purpose for everything, so we just need to trust Him.



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