Long time no see!

Wow, it’s been a little while since I’ve done anything on here.  Sorry about that.

It has now been a week and two days since the fair ended.  Hallelujah!! ; )  Just kidding.  It was difficult, but it was quite fun as well.  Out of eight days that I could be there, I was there seven. ; )  Since I was in 4-H I had a wristband and didn’t have to pay each time to get in thankfully.  On Saturday, there was quite a funny episode.

I was dropped off at the fair to spend time with and help my friend.  I met her father who was manning his at one the entrances.  He said I could look for her in the poultry barn.  So I walk over to the nice cool air conditioned building to find my friend.  But, I couldn’t find her anywhere.  I walked all up and down the aisles in the barn, then headed over to the 4-H displays to see if possibly she was there.  She was once again no where to be seen.  I did however meet up with her younger brother who was also searching for her.  We decided to join forces and look for her together.  He decided we should look outside.  (An important fact you should know for the rest of my story.  It was close to 100 degrees outside.)

We went to the 4-H horse show.  She’s not there.  We head over to the tractor pull.  She’s not there.  Maybe she’s at the rodeo, so we walk all the way to the other side of the grounds.  She’s not there either.  Maybe she’s at the Muttin’ Bustin’.  We took a shortcut through the building and headed for the Muttin’ Bustin’ arena.  She wasn’t there either, but we found some other friends from church there.  My “escort” stopped off to spend time with them and I headed back for the poultry barn.  (All that I just recounted took about 30 to 45 minutes.)

I got into the poultry barn, but still didn’t see my friend.  However, I did find her older brother.  He said my friend was looking for me and he had seen here about a half hour ago.  He kindly offered to help me search.  So, we headed to the 4-H horse show.  She wasn’t there.  We went to the tractor pull.  She wasn’t there.  Talk about deja vu!  I was doing the exact same route with the same results that I did with her younger brother with her older brother now. ; )  Anyways, he thought she might be at the concert.  I mentioned that I had been by there earlier and didn’t think it’d be something she would listen to. ; )  We went to check it out anyways.  Whilst walking past, the singer hit a (strange sounding to me ; )) note and my friend’s brother laughed.  “Yeah, I don’t think they’d be listening to that either.”  I smiled.  What do you know, my friend wasn’t listening. ; )  On we trekked, now heading in the direction of the Muttin’ Bustin’ once more.

Thankfully, this time, we found her mom sitting on a log.  Upon arriving she said, “Oh!  She just went inside to look for you!”  We knew my friend would be coming back so we waited.  Before long, here she came winding through the tents.  The whole ordeal lasted about an hour and a half.  With me walking around outside in nearly 100 degree weather!  I hoped that I would at least have a sun burn to show for all that I had to go through, but at the end of the day, I was just as white as ever.  ; )

After finding my friend we had a great time.  I got to watch the 4-H auction, and my friend auctioned off three of her ducks for a handsome price.  All in all, it was a good day!  ; )

Now the fair is over, and four of my five projects are going to the State Fair.  Also, my brother’s project is going, as well as two of my sister’s three.

Another interesting happening was with a competition in the Open Class.  Our county has a special competition for a cookie jar that you make that has to do with that year’s fair theme.  My mom and my friend’s mom both entered cookie jars.  Now, there was a lot of anticipation to see who would win.  But, when the judge finished, she decided she couldn’t decided between the two.  So it ended in a tie!  We will never know who won!  I suppose it’s better that way.  ; )  (Of course, I’m partial to my own mother’s.)

So, besides the fact that the fireworks on Friday set fire to the field, and my friend winning Round Robin (the highest honor for a livestock competitor), that was really all there was exciting about the fair.  Now, we are waiting in anticipation for the Father Son Retreat, and also seeing who can keep their 4-H bands on the longest. ; )  Me, in my craziness, have decided that I’m going to complete a dress (that has a collar) before then so I may wear it to the retreat.  We’ll see if I finish in time! ; )

I guess that’s it for now!

Oh!  Except for the fact that, I heard that there is still room to sign up for the retreat!  I strongly urge everyone to go that possibly can.  I’ve seen many lives changed because of this special retreat.  For more information go to this link.  http://www.chec.org/  Hope to see you there!



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