Still busy

The title pretty much sums it all up.  We finished dance camp last week, and we won’t have anymore major going’s on til the county fair.

Speaking of the county fair, we still have a lot to do concerning that.  In two weeks.  I think I will finish the bulk of my sewing for it today though, and most of what I need to do is the record books.  Apart from headache causing and time consuming, they shouldn’t be too bad. 😉

In other news, we are praying and hoping that we will have the girl we are wanting to adopt in our home soon.  Mom and Dad got all the paperwork in, so now we are just waiting for the background checks to be completed.  They were told that getting those done could and probably will take up to three months.  There are many people who are trying to help us not be too optimistic and are telling us that there is no way that we will have her here by her birthday (July 17).  But we serve a big God.  If he wants her to be here by then, she will be here.  If he wants us to wait, then that is what will happen.  We are praying that it is His will to work a miracle and get her here soon.  If ya’ll feel called to pray for us, we would greatly appreciate it! 😉

I would also like to ask for some prayer.  A few of the many changes that come with getting a roommate for the first time have started to hit.  I abhor changes.  The slightest change can make me cry.  Mom moved my furniture around in my room a couple of days ago, and I came close to throwing a fit.  I had a really stinky attitude.  I’m such a selfish person.  I know that I need to learn stretch myself and accept these changes.  So, if you feel called to pray that I grow up, I would appreciate it. 😉

I suppose that’s all for now.

Have a blessed Independence Day!



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