The right to bear arms

Most of you have probably heard about the Second Amendment, and the right that it supposed to protect.  But how many of you understand the extreme importance of it?

Guns are seen by liberals as something very dangerous that should be kept out of the hands of the populace.  That is why we have had all of the gun laws passed in somewhat recent years.  Laws set up by the government that regulate who can have guns and who can’t.  (If any of you haven’t taken the questionnaire to get gun, I’ll let you know it’s pretty ridiculous.  Asking questions like, “Do you plan to use this gun to commit a grievous crime?” LOL!  Like they think a criminal is going to be stupid enough to say yes?!)

Yet, in their great “wisdom,” they have overlooked a major flaw in their regulations.  In general, out of whose hands is the government trying to keep guns?  Murderers and other lawbreakers.  However, by setting up regulations, do you think that is going to stop criminals from breaking just one more rule?  Instead by keeping guns from being available to everyone, those of us who are peaceable now have no way of defending ourselves.

Yet the government doesn’t seem to care about this right being taken away from us.  They continue to pass more laws prohibiting and regulating who can have guns.  We continue to let our rights be stripped from us and the ability to protect ourselves we are giving away.

In the draft of Virginia’s Constitution, Thomas Jefferson said, “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”  He understood the need from people to have the ability to protect themselves.  If we aren’t allowed to do so, just who do we think is going to protect us every second of the day?

On our trip through the South last April, we stopped off in Georgia to visit some friends.  While there we were going to visit a museum which was in a different county.  Our friends warned us that a law had been passed in that county concerning guns that we should be aware of.  In this particular county, is is ILLEGAL not to have a concealed carry!  The government would have people believe that such a law, or similarly a lack of regulations, would cause havoc and mass killings.  But just what are the statistics from this little county?  There are virtually no crimes committed there!  Why is this?  Well, say a robber goes to rob a bank.  He won’t know who in that bank has a weapon concealed on them.  Even if it was slow in the bank at that time, the chances are, there are more good people in that bank carrying a gun than that lone robber.

If us Americans were allowed to carry guns as we pleased, as we were in the old days, what do you think would happen?  Criminals would never know who has else out there has a gun.  I imagine this would cause them to rethink committing a crime at least once.

But even more than that, by principle, we should never have to go to the government and ask permission to have gun.  All the regulations and laws are unconstitutional and should be removed.  But do you think anyone in the government is going to want to give up their control on this part of our lives?   :sarcastic laugh: No one who is currently there, I can assure you.

On this issue, among many others, I am very pleased with the Constitution Party.  The desire of the Constitution Party is to get the government out of gun control as it was in the past.  They understand that the people deserve the right to protect themselves.

[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans posses above almost every other nation… (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.  ~James Madison

It is our duty to take back the rights that have been taken from us.  One of the ways to do that is to elect a leader that will give them back to us.



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