Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

My family went to see Expelled last night, and we all loved it!  It was amazingly well done, and very thought provoking.

It was basically a documentary done by Ben Stein about how our freedom of expressing our views, and of questioning evolution is slowly and methodically being taken away.  Mr. Stein found out that there are many people in the U.S., scientists, journalists, teachers, and others, who are losing their jobs or chances for tenure just for mentioning Intelligent Design.  Some of those interviewed didn’t even agree with ID, but just because they mentioned it, without doing it in an unfavorable light, they are now “suffering the consequences.”  Mr. Stein was curious why evolutionists were so afraid to have their supposed “fact’s” authority to be questioned.  (I never caught in the movie if that question was answered, but we know why.  Atheist’s don’t want there to be a creator, otherwise they would have to be accountable to him.)

 An interesting turn was when one of the interviewee’s mentioned how the Holocaust was Hitler acting on his worldview of Darwinian theory.  How Hitler was just taking what Darwin said to it’s logical end.  Because Mr. Stein is Jewish, he was especially interested in checking this out.  After doing research, he found that in one of Hitler’s speeches, he had talked about how in recent decades we had been working against natural selection by aiding the weak in living.  How we needed now to help nature along by getting rid of the handicapped, less than perfect and unwanted.  With the worldview of evolution, this makes perfect sense.  We don’t want the weak and those who are drains on society to have children and make more like themselves, so we should get rid of them.  But God tells us that we are supposed to protect these people.  Instead of being descended from an ape, we are created in the image of God, and we have a purpose on this earth beyond living and dying.

Anyways, Mr. Stein had an interesting illustration that he shared.  He equated what is going on today, with how evolutionists are suppressing our freedom to question Darwinian theory, with the Berlin wall and all it stood for.   We are not being allowed to think anything other than Evolution is a undeniable “fact.”  The evolutionists he interviewed claimed that the debate of origins was fought many years ago, with evolution coming out the undisputed victor.  Mr. Stein disagrees.

Mr. Stein’s reason, it seems, behind this documentary is to spread the word about this “wall,” and to encourage people to take measures to start to bring it down.  Here is Focus on the Family’s Plugged In review of it http://www.pluggedinonline.com/movies/movies/a0004010.cfm .  I strongly encourage everyone to go and see it.  It is definitely well worth the money!



2 Responses

  1. Hi Tee-Kaye!
    Wow! You really changed you blog! It looks nice. My family went to see this movie too, and we liked it a lot. Some of the reviews we read said that he only talked about intelligent disign and said that that was the only bad thing aobut it. But, at the end he says stuff about God. He also talks about the aliens and stuff which would technically be “intelligent design” but he counts that as very stupid. (And he’s right!) 🙂 I really liked it. I would recommend that everyone show support for it. It is one of the most entertaining docs I’ve ever seen.
    🙂 ~Daughter of Zion

  2. I loved it!
    I definitly suggest this movie for anyone.
    I really liked how he just took darwinism and just exposed it for what it really is.

    I also liked how it was a documentary but they did a good job at keeping you drawn to the movie.
    I really liked it!

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