Back from Regionals

We finally made it back!  Whew!  We left a week ago early Sunday morning, and just got back about three hours ago.  It was a long week.  I’ll try to give you the complete low down.  We’ll see how far I get. 😉

Day 1– We left our house at about 7:30.  My parents had decided that we were going to take the trip from Colorado to Seattle, Washington in two days, so we put in 10+ hours in the car.  After leaving Colorado we went through Wyoming, Utah, and stayed in Twin Falls, Idaho.  On the whole, for spending that much time with that many people in the car, it wasn’t a bad day.

Day 2– We left at nearly the same time and drove for about as long as well.  It didn’t take much driving in Oregon before we went up some mountains, and it started to snow on us!!  It was snowing so much, we could hardly see twenty feet in front of us.  It was crazy!  But, upon coming down the mountain it was only raining on the plains, and after getting into Washington, it was very sunny.  However, when we were about to reach Seattle, we went throught some more mountains and it snowed on us more!  So this day we went through Spring, Summer, and Winter twice in one day.

Day 3– We had an extra day to go and sightsee.  Even though it was chilly, we braved the weather and headed downtown.  After going on a tour of the underground city, we went out to eat.  It was a lot of fun because, since it was on the waterfront we could go out on the “deck” and hold french fries above our heads and seagulls would swoop down and snatch them out of your hand.  It was pretty cool. 😉 After eating we went to Pike’s Place Market, then headed home.

I have to go eat right now.  I’ll write more later.


One Response

  1. AAAHHHh!
    Yes, I remember that trip.
    It was very interesting.
    I’m still very thankfull you guys were willing to drive me to and fro.

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