“Hi-ho-the derio, a slashing we will go”

I don’t know if you caught the tune I was aiming for in my title, but oh well.  You are probably wondering what kind of slashing and who is doing the slashing.  To the later question, we only wish we knew so that we could strangle them. (I have to admit, that’s not to far from serious)  As to what their slashing, it’s tires.  Tonight was the second set in less than a month.

Ever since we moved into this neighborhood, nearly three years ago, we have been regularly vandalized.  Two months after moving in, my dad’s car, which was on the driveway, had a window smashed out.  And it wasn’t the back window either.  They actually came up onto the driveway to put a rock through the side window.  After doing so, they stole a black bag that contained some medical equipment that cost 1,500 dollars.

Since then, we have been egged several times, and two weeks ago we had a single bright green paintball on our garage above the door.  The weirdest thing is that almost all of these incidents happened in broad daylight!  Most recently, it’s turned to tire slashing.  It’s been the same car, our 15 passenger van, both times.

The first time, less than a month ago, it was the two tires facing the house. (We park it on the street.)  Then, upon returning from ballet this evening, we found the other two (facing the street) completely flat.  There is no chance of them, if we were to refill them, lasting long enough to get to the repair shop around the corner.

Throughout this whole thing, we’ve wondered why is this happening to us?  We haven’t heard of anyone else in our neighborhood getting vandalized like us.  And it’s not like we live in a low-income neighborhood where you tend to expect these types of things.  But again, why us?  Is it against us personally?  Though I doubt that because we rarely talk to our neighbors, and are in good favor with them when we do talk.  Why are we seemingly singled out?

The only explanation I can think might be plausible is, we are Christians.  Whether the people doing this know this fact or not, I don’t know.  But apparently, God sees fit for our faith and patience to be tried in this way.  It is terribly annoying to have to go through trials. 😉  But I suppose we should look for what God wants us to learn from this.

I probably should sign off now.  My family will soon be discussing what to do.  Add motion sensor lights?  Put up video cameras?  Or even more drastically, move to the country and buy a big guard dog.  Please keep us in your prayers as we try to bear up with this trial and try to figure out what to do about it. 🙂



2 Responses

  1. If your moving to the country I am coming with you! But lets get a cow insteed, that way we can have fresh milk and butter. His bell will protect the cars. We are praying for you.

  2. Thanks. I’m happy to report… that nothing happened to our house whilst we were gone! Hopefully this trend of uneventfullness will continue…


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