Of the flu, mice and adoption

Well, I hardly know where to start.  So many things have been happening this past week.  First off, a week ago, I awoke to one of my sisters… umm… exhibiting flu symptoms.  She was quickly followed by another of my sisters.  We had hoped that was the end of our encounter with the flu, but more members of the family have been catching the dreaded disease throughout the past week.  And it hasn’t just come and gone.  A few of us were okay for a day or two then had a relapse.  My youngest sister had one such relapse last night.

Then yesterday at lunch time, my brother walked into the kitchen and saw a mouse scamper across the floor.  As of yet we have only caught one, that might be the sum of the invaders, but that’s a fool’s hope. 😉  We have set traps in various places about the house, and have searched the outside of the house to try to discover how the little bugger’s are getting in.  Maybe they’ll be gone for good this time. 😉  After we catch them all.

And to add to all that, my parents are looking into adopting an orphaned child.  Well, not really a child.  She is only half a year younger than myself.  We heard about her while visiting Kevin Swanson’s church, and how she wished to be adopted by a homeschooling family.  My parents are now actively pursuing adopting her, and have started the endless hours of classes to qualify to adopt.  Mom and Dad have decided that if it is not God’s will for us to adopt this specific young girl, then they will look into someone else.  It’s kind of a scary idea.  Bringing someone into our home, permanently, who we don’t know, knowing practically nothing about her past, and will have to help her deal with those problems from her past.  It is a rather daunting task.  I’ll even have to share my room for the first time in my life!  Talk about an adjustment! 😉  But I know that God will guide us through whatever we do.  Whether we adopt her, or another different child, I know that God will be there to guide, care, and sharpen us to make us more into the likeness of His Son.

I’ll end it here.  That’s probably enough for now. 😉

Sola Deo Gloria!



4 Responses

  1. The world needs a company like “Rent-a-cat” or something, who’s sole purpose is to loan cats to people with mice problems. It might make money. Who knows.

    I know, crazy idea. Still, it is a funny thought. lol

  2. That is funny. The only problem is that my brother is allergic to cats. Majorly! And it gets worse everytime he comes in contact with them. I guess we’ll have to stick to mouse traps. 😉


  3. Just remember that she will also have to adjust. I remember when I moved in at ten, it was just as hard on me as it was on my wonderful family. They had to help me deal with my problums from the past, but I didn’t know how to take their help.

    That is funny about the mouse! Only because it is not the first time!

  4. Yeah, it will definately be an adjustment. But she just found out who it was that was looking into adopting her, and she didn’t freak out. 😉 I hope it the adoption goes through, and that we won’t make a total mess of her life. 😉

    We haven’t seen more mice after we found that one in the mouse trap. Mayber their gone!


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