I’m back!

Well, I’m still alive.  But barely! 🙂   Praise God it wasn’t too tiring til last night, and my teeth stopped being excruciating on Friday!  I’m really tired right now though.  We got back from our ballot party at about 11:45 and got to bed around 12:00.  Then we had church this morning, which I was surprisingly awake for.  But then right after church I went to bed and slept for 3 hours.  I’m still trying to wake up!

But our team did well at the tournament.  One of my friends broke to finals for the first time in his speech and got 7th.  In debate both my brother and myself did really well.  We both broke to Octos, and it was a split decision on who won!  This was also the first time I have ever broken in debate.  I went three and three!  That’s my best record so far.  Then, for the real shocking part.  I got 10th in speaker points!  My judges were very liberal with speaker points.  So I don’t think I deserved to get 10th, but it was kind of cool just the same! 🙂

The sad part of the tournament, was that, for several of my friends, this is their last tournament ever.  They have gotten burned out, and are planning on not coming back next year, and they can’t make it to Regionals even though they broke.  :tear, tear:  So that was very sad.  I’m hoping that we can convince them to go one more year.

 Anyways, I’m very tired, and I haven’t eaten lunch yet.  (I went straight to bed)  So I think I might go try to eat something. 🙂

Thanks ya’ll for your prayers!!



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