Of brave knights and fair maidens

We all know and love those wonderful fairy tales that we grew up listening to.  A maiden stuck in a tower waiting for a knight to scale the walls and free her from her prison.  Or a princess held captive by a dragon or some other giant mean thing. ; )  While these stories are “fairy tales” and wrought with many things that aren’t true that we shouldn’t put our hopes in. (Like love at first sight, etc.)  But I think that there is something important that we can learn from these works of fiction.

First of all, which of the two, the knight or the fair maiden, was the one in trouble? ; )  Us girls need to realize that we are the weaker (that doesn’t mean less valuable) of the two.  We need to let men be the ones who save us, not us always brushing off their attempts to help.  Now that’s a whole other topic, so I will move on to the real one I want to address.

Next, what did the knight have to do?  He had to work to achieve the fair maiden’s hand.  He had to scale the wall or fight off the dragon.

We hear often times about girls who flaunt themselves showing that they can be “saved” with very little work beforehand.  But I think this can also apply and the smaller level of emotional purity.

Girls, if we wear our hearts on our sleeve by flirting with guys, or making it obvious who we like, aren’t we making it easy for a guy to steal our hearts?  In all the good books, we read of the man having to win the heart of the woman he loves.  But if we easily give our hearts away, what is there to win?  I’m not saying that you should be mean to a guy by making him work overly hard to win you. (None of my friends are close to coming into a situation like that though, so I don’t really need to worry. ; )  But we shouldn’t be so quick to give our hearts away.  Especially since we really don’t know if that guy is the one who should receive our heart.

I listened to a sermon on a cd we got from Vision Forum called “7 Biblical Truths Violated by Christian Dating.”  In it the speaker said something that intrigued me.  He said that we need to follow the Adam principle in how we look for a mate.

Adam was put in charge of naming all the animals.  But after having named them all, he found that there was no helpmeet suitable for him.  God told him not to worry, and put him to sleep until his helpmeet was ready for him.  The speaker said we need to do the same thing.  We know that we were designed to get married (thought there are a few that God has not called to marriage) but we need to put to sleep those desires within us, until God wakes us up.  And you can be pretty sure that if you are not old enough, or mature enough to be married, God wasn’t the one who woke you up.  Go back to sleep! ; )  And if you aren’t sure, go to God in prayer, asking if this wake up call is from him or not.   Seek godly counsel from your parents, or someone else that you trust.  It is completely useless to wake up and indulge your desires before it is time to.

So remember, be a maiden worth working for, go to sleep, and wait till God wakes you up!

 Good night! ; )


2 Responses

  1. Very good point Tee-Kaye! I love stories of castles, maidens ect. I really liked the story that is told by Mr. Philips called “Sleeping Beauty and the Five Questions”!
    Thank you for taking a stand!
    -Daughter of Zion

  2. Thanks for sharing the link… Being humble is indeed something one has to have in order to appreciate things better. God bless you. [ http://www.ugmahay.wordpress.com ]

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