You don’t know who your friends are…

…until you need them. (or something like that ; )  I learned the truth in that statement this last weekend.

Our family is participating in NCFCA Speech and Debate and last week was the Colorado Open.  Unfortunately I was fighting a cold the entire tournament and was very tired.  My friends were amazing.  They stuck by me the entire time.  They helped to carry my debate box up the stairs and understood when I was too tired to talk.

Then Friday I lost my voice.  And then I found out that I had broke to semi-finals and would need to do my speech at least once more.  Everyone told me that I shouldn’t talk and should use kinesics to let them know what I was saying.  It was pretty funny, but they were so kind and would be quite so I could try to whisper something to them.

On Saturday I did semis.  But because of the my cold I took some cough medicine beforehand so as to not cough while giving my speech.  But half way through lunch I all of a sudden started to get really tired.  I didn’t finish my sandwich but went and lay down.  My debate partner was so sweet and later came over and put her coat on me.  My dad was a real hero to that day.  He stuck by me the entire time as well.  When I attempted to wake up it felt like my mind was stuffed with cotton, and it took forever to process anything.  It turns out, the cough medicine was 10% alcohol!  So I was probably having a reaction to that or something else in the medicine.  All I know is that I felt awful!  Dad took me for a walk outside to try to shake off the effects of whatever was happening to me.

Upon coming into the student lounge again they were about to announce breaks to finals.  And guess what?  I broke to finals!  But now I needed to get the energy to do my speech again.  A friend’s mom gave me a vitamin drink that perked me up long enough to do my speech but right afterwards I crashed big time.  I sat in the student lounge with my head resting on a table, trying to get some kind of rest.  My stomach was beginning to hurt like crazy.  Unfortunately I threw up in the student lounge.  Even then my brother, his friend and my dad helped me in so many ways.  Throughout the whole ordeal everyone was so sweet.  I wasn’t capable of doing much, and they helped in whatever way they could.

I’m blessed with very good, kind, loyal friends.  And most of all, with a Dad who is always watching out for me, helping me when I’m weak and helpless, and comforting and supportive.  So this past week I’ve realized how much I have to be thankful to God for.  Remember never to take your friends and especially your family for granted!

Sola Deo Gloria!



4 Responses

  1. I am so glad you were able to get through all you needed to do. Congrads on the finals. I will be praying for you…And get some sleep please!
    Love ya

  2. Wahoo! Go Kinesics! Right on!
    I think you being sick was the only downer to that tournament.

  3. Congrats! I was there, though I don’t think we met.

  4. Thank you! Congratulations for making it to finals in debate! I saw you at the tournament, but we didn’t meet.


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