If your friend’s jumped off a cliff…

    Once upon a time, there was a queen.  She was a wise and kind ruler.  All of her servants were very devoted to her.  There was one special servant, who was the wisest of them all.  He had the special job of driving the queen’s chariot.  Unfortunately, he was getting up in years and one day he died.

    After the funeral, the queen set about finding a servant to fill the now vacant position.  But not just anyone could fill this position.  They had to be strong and wise.  One by one the queen interviewed the servants in front of the court.

    The first interviewee came before the queen.    She asked him, “If we were driving on a mountain and came to a place where the road on one side was a cliff going straight up, and a on the other side a cliff going straight down.  How close to the edge would you drive me?”

    The young man, puffing out his chest a little said, “Oh my queen, I could quite easily take you within one foot of the edge!”

    The queen thanked him and called in the next man.  She asked him the same question.  He proudly said, “I could steer you within in 1 inch of the edge!”  Again the queen thanked him and called for the next man.

    When the third young man came up she again asked the question.  But this time the young man said, “My queen, you are a very important person.  If I was your driver, I wouldn’t risk your life by taking you even close to the edge.  I would steer as far away from it as possible.”

    The queen answered, “You are truly wise!  You understand that when there is potential danger, the answer is not how close you can get to it without getting hurt.  The answer is to stay as far away as possible.”

    So this young man was made the new driver for the queen.  And many that day learned a lesson from his wisdom.

Now, if any of you have listened to “Passport to Purity” you should recognize they story.  I’m afraid it is quite different than the original though.  It’s been awhile since I listened to it and don’t remember the story that well so I took the idea and went with it. ; )  But anyways, the lesson is still the same.  When there is a cliff, don’t see how close you can get to the edge without falling off, you should stay as far away from the edge as possible.

Now, in “Passport to Purity” they used this parable to talk to physical purity, but I believe it can be applied to emotional purity as well.  Let me explain.

Some people think “What’s wrong with a little flirting?  It won’t hurt anyone!”  But by flirting, you are defrauding the other person.  If you truly like the person, by flirting you are indulging the feelings that in most cases are not right.  And if you don’t like them, you are living a lie.

Some will say, “But if you don’t flirt, how will they know that you like them?”  But, in all honesty, you should never let the other person know that you like them unless you are in a relationship headed towards marriage!  Think about it, if you both are not mature enough to get married, what point is there to knowing you like each other.  It’s not like there is anything you can do.  You are just going to have to wait and this opens up a door to other sins.  (i.e.  where your thoughts could lead you)   God says “Since no man knows the future, who can tell him what is to come?” (Ecc. 8:7)  You do not know for sure if this young man is who God has chosen for you!  By liking him you are giving your heart to someone who, for all you know will be another girls husband!  Not only that, but if you are focused on him, you are not focusing on God.  You are wasting precious time when you could be serving God and others, not yourself by flirting and bringing attention to yourself.

Many people have told me I’m much to shy around guys.  That I could get more guys to like me if I were more outgoing and flirtatious.  So the purpose of my life is to get as many guys to like me as possible?  No!  That’s what the world thinks their purpose is.  But the Bible says it’s to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  Not go out and break a lot of hearts.  We are called to a life that is holy and blameless.

So you see, the question is not, how much can I flirt with danger without getting hurt.  You need to flee youthful lusts and pursue Christ and righteousness.

Well, that’s my five cents.  Sorry if I come off a bit harsh.  I’m becoming quite passionate on this subject.  But I do hope that this caused you to think.  If anyone has any questions, comments or gestures of defiance, please use the comment section.

Sola Deo Gloria!



2 Responses

  1. Thanks – will be borrowing this article for our youth group meeting tomorrow night, and I may be pointing them to your site, based on the other titles I see here.

  2. I agree with you completely. I sometimes struggle in that area. I mean, I seroiusly try to just be a really nice person but on accident end up flirting. I really do want to be as nice to everybody as I can I just need to work on what is “over the line.” Thanks for the post it is very encouraging. 🙂


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