Is it okay to be”just friends” with a boy?

Boy, the names of my posts up till now have been awfully boring. ; )  I shall attempt to remedy that!

Anyways, here’s yet another link.  It’s from Girl Talk again.  It addresses the question I used in the title.  It’s very interesting and has a lot of wisdom in it.  Please read what they have to say before moving on to what my thoughts are.

When I read this I couldn’t help but laugh because I had asked this very question of my dad just two weeks ago!  He told me that it’s possible to be just friends with a boy, but…  you have to have a LOT of wisdom and very good accountability.  As Mrs. Bradshaw said, guys read into things like girls do.  Especially as they grow older.  So whether or not you can be friends with a guy is highly dependent on the guy as well.

Something that should highly be taken into consideration is your own motives for wanting to be friends with that particular guy.  Is it because you like him?  Or because you are longing for male attention?  When you are looking for that attention, that is what leads to flirting.

Mrs. Bradshaw also talked about treating the guys in your life as you would your brother.  But you still need to be very careful while doing this.  A few years ago I was using the excuse that I was treating one of my brother’s friends like I did my brother, but I was really flirting with him.  I still was not treating him correctly.  I wasn’t being mean to him, but I was definitely flirting.  So I decided that I needed to treat him more like a younger cousin.  Respectfully, yet not getting too personal.

Well, that’s all I have for today. 

Sola Deo Gloria!



2 Responses

  1. I must comment. ::smiling for no apparent reason::
    There is so much truth to that.
    There are alot of people I wish I could show this to.

    Now I know that other readers are thinking, “Hey, this is a guy reading a girls blog, what’s up with that?!”

    But I think there are a lot of true things that Tee-Kaye says here.
    That’s mainly why I like reading my friends blogs 😉


  2. It’s OK Daniel. You can read Tee-Kaye’s blog without feeling wierd. 😉

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