New Presidential Candidate

Hey everyone!  My dad just got word about a new presidential candiate!  His name is Alan Keyes.  He is very conservative, pro-life, a very strong christian and a very qualified candidate.  Here is the link to his website .  You should go check him out, then spread the word!

 God Bless!



Bugs and their many annoyances

I have a bunch of clothes that need to be fixed and fabric that needs to be used on the floor of my closet.  This has been sitting there for about a year and a half now.  Today, I finally got fed up with the mess in my closet, so I started taking stuff out of my closet to be put …. somewhere else I suppose.  Some of the clothes were not folded, so just now I went up to begin folding them.  That’s when I found it.  A bug, crawling on one of my shirts.  It looked like a smaller, thinner, lighter roly poly.  I showed it to my dad, and he thought it might be a cloth eating bug.  Terrified I ran upstairs to our computer to google “cloth eating bugs”.  I believe that bug was a carpet beetle.  To get rid of carpet beetles you have to completely clean everthing cloth like that you own.  Everything in the closet, dresser, and the carpet.  My room is a mess right now.  And now I have to completely clean it!  This is not going to be a fun next couple of days, that’s for sure.  I hope we won’t have to use insecticides though.  That might include pulling up the edges of the carpet.  So if you all could earnestly pray that this would be solved quickly!

 (I also read that these things eat hair!)

Speech and Debate

On Saturday my family participated in a Speech and Debate tournament.